3 Power Ideas to Create an Amazing Party

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3 Power Ideas to Create an Amazing Party

3 Power ideas to create an Amazing Party. Fiesta Mom, Phoenix Party Planners 

By: Fiesta Mom

How do you throw an amazing party? That’s the question we get over and over again at Fiesta Mom and the answer is very complex if you start looking into the vast amount of details and organization that needs to happen, as well as the near magic that needs to come together for everything to align for your event to be successful.

Whew, but Let’s not start there, I want to simplify party planning down to 3 areas, so we can look at what is really important in putting on a great party. Remember, a great party is when everyone has fun and no one notices the hard work that went into it, it should flow flawlessly.  


Get Creative and come up with a theme.

Forget about the minutia and details that go into making an event happen because focusing on those details can kill your creative side, and this is the side that will absolutely be crucial on creating on an awesome party. Fall in love with an idea and let yourself branch out from there into creating new ideas that can take hold. Remember all ideas are rough at first until they are refined, so keep a log of all of your party ideas and keep them coming.

Do you research on social sites like Pinterest to get a good idea of what you want it to look like, and start designing a pattern and pulse to the party that will eventually become your theme. A party theme is nothing more than the structure that your ideas and details will follow. It’s the framework of the house before the design and details, and it will happen naturally as you start pulling together your list.

Party theme development is the most crucial part of party planning because every other aspect of the party will flow into that theme. Your theme should be unique and creative, but not so overly complex that it will never happen or become overly burdensome or expensive to ever get off the ground.

Once you start with your them you can then work backward into some of the creative details that will bring this party to life.


Create layers of creativity to add to your theme

Now that we have our theme taken care of it’s time to look into creative design. Let’s say for instance your theme turned into a beach party before we look at logistics let’s start focusing on the creative elements that will fill this theme and make it whole.

We know that beaches have sand and water, so we will want to look into ideas that make this theme start to become robust. We call them layers, you need to create You may want to look into misters, which simulate the ocean,  as well as sound and smell machines that can bring out the reality of the beach party. You may want to look into picking up used surfboards, umbrellas, and campfire materials. These small background details can make the difference of an immersive experience versus just a party.

You want to focus on these layers, the creative elements that take your party to the next level, as key parts that will fit into your overall theme. Your guests may not even notice many of these subliminal elements but subconsciously they will combine everything to make them actually feel they are at the beach.

Another very important part of this design process is making sure you always create one element of surprise, this is the element that makes people talk the next day, something unique that they have never experienced before, or positioned in a way that is completely unique and new, which leads us to our third point.


Add the WOW factor to your party

It’s your party so why not add something extraordinary to shake things up. At Fiesta Mom, our Phoenix parties typically have what we call a little bit of Fiesta in them, and all that really means is adding a wow factor. Think back to the best party or event that you have ever been to, was it your typical party or did something happen completely original?

Weddings have been at the forefront of this by adding at first custom dance routines by the Bride and Groom, then upping that with flash mobs, and now having name brand bands show up for a song or two that completely shocks your attendees.

There are wow factors that can be added to any party and within any budget. Creating a wow factor is the modern way of getting people to respond positively, and it adds a whole different level of anticipation and excitement to the party organizers. We like being wowed and shocked in a good way to get us out of our routines, and creating this element into your party can take your event to the next level.


At this point, you have crafted an amazing theme, added layers of creative elements, and designed a wow factor. Your architecture is complete and your party should have all of the elements needed to be simply amazing. The next steps are to organize all of the people, places, and things there will be needed to get this off the ground. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional is up to you, our advice is to keep it light, don’t stress and make sure that you have everything written down and stay unbelievably organized.

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